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Benefits of ULINK’s DA Drive Analyzer: Preparedness, Insights, and Informed Choices about Drive Performance

Imagine that DataZ is a small business network attached storage (NAS) user that needs to have its data available all the time to meet tight schedules. It uses RAID (1, 5, 6) to protect against drive failure. While RAID configuration is great to protect data, it does not give advance warning of drive failure, it does not know why storage might be failing, and it does not know which hard drives to prioritize for replacement. This is where ULINK’s DA Drive Analyzer can benefit them.

With DA Drive Analyzer, DataZ can anticipate storage failures in advance, allowing it to plan its drive maintenance, deliveries, and deadlines accordingly. This is greatly facilitated by DA Drive Analyzer’s AI-powered drive health prediction algorithm.

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer is powered by a cloud AI engine that collects and monitors the health parameters of drives to intelligently predict when your drive is near failure. One of the chief benefits of DA Drive Analyzer is that it alerts you in advance about impending drive failure. This ensures that you can take the necessary steps to save your data or replace your drive.

One tool of DA Drive Analyzer that we highly recommend is an online, easy-to-use dashboard which we call DA Portal. In addition to showing AI-based drive health predictions upfront, it also allows you to dig deeper to study and analyze specific drive health indicators and their trends in detail. This can be a boon for IT admins and technically savvy users who wish to diagnose drive problems in an exploratory fashion. And it can do all this for multiple NAS systems and user accounts, providing users with a powerful drive health monitoring experience.

Finally, we recognize that different users may have different risk tolerances when it comes to drive replacement, depending on the importance of the data they are storing. Some users may prefer to replace their hardware at the first sign of trouble, while others may prefer to wait a while and see what happens. That is why DA Drive Analyzer presents AI-based drive health alerts in two tiers:

  • Drives at Moderate Risk of Failure with a 70% chance of failing over the next 6 months
  • Drives at Severe Risk of Failure with a 90% chance of failing over the next 6 months

With this tiered AI prediction system, users can make a calculated choice about when it might be time to retire a drive.

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