In a data dependent world, ULINK DA Drive Analyzer’s AI algorithms disrupt drive failure prediction with 7-8 times more effectiveness than traditional systems.

In the previous two parts of this series on the User Interface of DA Drive Analyzer, we have seen how ULINK has designed the NAS App and the DA Portal for the everyday user and advanced user, respectively. Another product that uses DA Drive Analyzer is the DA Desktop Suite, which is ideal for IT personnel.

Features of the DA Desktop Suite 

For IT personnel who want to monitor drive health issues for the entire organization, DA Desktop Suite (the desktop app) can be downloaded onto a Windows or Mac desktop computer. It can provide desktop notifications for drive health issues. In just one window, it provides a summary of the drive health including AI Predictions, Threshold Alerts, and Fault Alerts of multiple user accounts and machines. To set this up, the user just needs to add the account associated with each machine to DA Desktop Suite.

The easy-to-use interface of DA Drive Analyzer NAS app, DA Portal, and the DA Desktop Suite helps in monitoring drive health issues in a simple and efficient manner. They have all the ingredients of a well-designed user interface – minimum navigation and maximum efficiency.

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QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS 

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