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Entertain with your QNAP NAS this Holiday Season!

It’s the time of the year where friends and family often gather to celebrate their year, whether it was joyous or challenging, we take the time to thank ourselves and the universe in giving us the opportunity to live until this day. As deep as it sounds, us being human beings are social animals when in comes to gatherings. We love to entertain, we love to show off what cool gadgets we’ve got while hosting an incredible hip party.

Use QNAP to entertain your guests, and here’s how:


  • Whether it’s rock, classical or hip-hop or oldies, we know you’ve got it all from your personal (years-long) collection. Import and build your playlist within Plex (which is a new feature now) and stream it from your Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV
  • Music videos playing in the background also seems pretty hip right? Kind of like at the clubs or nice loungy restaurants. Install HappyGet and ‘backup’ the videos from Youtube/Vimeo and build your video playlist on your QNAP and play it from Plex, Qfile, or Video Station.


  • Entertain kids and adults as we are all a ‘kid at heart’. Play funny family or pet videos and share it with your friends and family (via.Plex,DLNA,Qfile)
    • Plex – Backup your family videos on your NAS and use Plex as your ‘server’ and allowing you to access it on a big screen, tablets, or smartphones
    • DLNA – remember to enable the ‘DLNA’ feature in your QTS, and your PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, One, Smart TVs can access your NAS and see all the videos you’ve already stored on it.
    • Qfile – ( iOS/Android/Windows) Simply download this app (which is free) and push your videos onto the big screen via your Apple TV or Google Chromecast. But if you’d like a ‘sleeker’ background when movies are finished, then I prefer using Plex.
  • Share your Plex library with your friends! Sounds crazy but yes, they can watch your movie collection remotely, and depending on how powerful your NAS is, I suggest maybe sharing to 1~2 friends max… if you don’t want to sacrifice your video quality. Keep in mind that your NAS can support up to 1080P if you’ve the more powerful ones powered by Intel® Core™i3 or above.
  • Take it to go – Travelling this holiday season? You can always download the video onto your mobile devices with Qfile, and watch it locally. If you are afraid that it takes up too much space, then go ahead and delete it afterwards (local on your phone/tablet) to release the space. It is just convenient for you to be able to watch it on the plane, train, car.


I personally miss the fact that we had physical albums with photos organized from a particular event, date, or even just scattered across the album.  I remember sliding photos into every plastic slit and feeling accomplished when that album feeling bulky and thick… and the one thing you want to do is to show your friends and family what you did this past year. (kind of the way to ‘show off’ back in the days?) We made collages every now and then on the computer and send it across your friends and family. Now… sharing photos is much more easy, simply click a few buttons and you’re there at that particular event, date and moment that you want to share. Your QNAP NAS becomes your photo album shelf and your albums comes in many forms (your QNAP supports many forms of sharing). 

  • Share to friends / family far away…
  1. Email ( a download link to a particular photo/folder of a particular event)
  2. Social Network ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Weibo, Plurk)
  3. Share links (direct download links) with options to let it expire at a particular time-frame
  • Share in person
  1. Photo Station (on the computer)
  2. QPhoto (on mobile devices)

All in all, hope everyone have a fun and safe Thanksgiving break! We hope you enjoy the NAS as much as we do during the holiday season!

By S. Kuo

I'm the marketing specialist here at QNAP and I think a part of me wants to write for this lounge because I've learned so much from scratch on network attached storages. I want to share what I think works, or is useful to all the readers out there and how a QNAP can change your digital life!

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