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Use Adobe Premiere Pro Productions Collaboration Feature with QNAP All-flash NAS Centralized Storage for Seamless Multi-user Video Editing

The professional video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro offers two collaboration tools: ‘Team Projects’ and ‘Productions’.

Adobe Premiere Pro Team Projects is a cloud service hosted on Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows users to share video projects over the Internet. It is suitable for remote editors located at different sites to collaborate, but the convenience of the Internet comes with a cost: transmission time. For example, transferring 300 Giga Bytes of raw footage with duration of one hour in 4K resolution over the Internet with a bandwidth of 200 Megabits/s would take about four hours, not to mention the time needed for re-editing and merging different versions over the Internet.

On the other hand, if the professional editing team can work on-site in the same local area network(LAN), they can take full advantage of high-speed Ethernet and centralized storage. 10 gigabyte /s Ethernet and full-flash NAS are almost basic equipment for professional post-production companies. However, if an modelof ‘downloading the same project and all included materials for editing before merging’ is adopted by the team, an evaluation needs to be made in overall project schedule regarding departmental execution time and project integration time, and the efficiency of collaboration will be affected by process coordination. This is a chance for ‘Productions’ to stand out.

Adobe Premiere Pro Productions was developed with input from top filmmakers and Hollywood editorial teams. The mode and workflow differ slightly from previous versions of Premier Pro ‘Projects’, and the new mode has successfully improved efficiency and tackledthe challenges often encountered duringcollaboration.


For a long time, preventing the work of one person from overwriting another’s work in real time collaboration in video editing has always been addressed through special file systems and locking mechanisms, such as using StorNext or Xsan systems.*However, this requires additional maintenance and costs. Productions will only use SMB to connect to the central storage NAS. When a Project is opened, Premiere Pro will lock it to prevent other editors from making changes. At the same time, other editors can still readthe locked project and use its assets for their own projects, preview and share the assets while preventing overwritingconflicts.

Adobe Premiere Pro Productions allows project locking to ensure that projects being edited are not overwritten by others.

Loading speed

A traditional Premiere Pro Project will include all assets of the project and require loading all resources into the computer’s memory upon opening, and both loading and saving will take some time. In contrast, Productions uses folders to organize assets. In the new model, a Project file in a subfolder is actually just a part of all resource materials, and is similar to the role of ‘bin’ in the original model. This way, only the necessary resources are loaded into the computer’s memory when editing. If the entire project contains a large amountof assets, the new model can effectively speed up executionefficiency.

Avoid duplicate materials

Before the release of ‘Productions’, Premiere Pro will store all materials (clips) in any sequence of the master clip in the Project. In a collaborative work process, sharing sequences between editors will result in accumulation of duplicate clips. Productions will share sequences by referring back to the source master clip without saving individually, thus avoiding asset duplication across projects.

Unlike other application scenarios, video editing requires frequent reading and writing of large files. With the increasing demand for high resolution, these files will only get bigger. Nowadays, 4K productions are very common, and they often use 8K footage. To prevent bottlenecks in production efficiency, many hardware devices, software tools, and workflows have been optimized. If you run a video editing studio, you will be pleased to see that by using QNAP all-flash NAS which supports high-speed Ethernet and has powerful processing capabilities and backup capacity together with the proven and tested Adobe Premiere Pro Productions, you will save a lot of post-production collaboration time, improve work efficiency and productivity**.

* Setting up a basic Xsan environment through QNAP NAS storage space and fiber channel
** Collaboration between Adobe Premiere Pro Productions and QNAP NAS

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