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More QNAP apps now support Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Since QNAP added support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage in the Hybrid Backup Sync (HBS) app in 2017, the service has been one of the most used solutions among our user base. Being able to conveniently back up NAS data with intuitive operations and affordable costs has greatly improved the user experience and overall satisfaction.

Your data is too precious to lose, so back it up now!

HybridMount & VJBOD Cloud: new hybrid cloud possibilities

Recently QNAP added two more apps – HybridMount and VJBOD Cloud – that supports Backblaze B2 for streamlining operations, saving associated costs and improving efficiency. HybridMount is QNAP’s file-based cloud storage gateway solution for accelerating access to major cloud storage services, such as Backblaze B2. The VJBOD Cloud block-based cloud storage gateway allows QNAP NAS users to effortlessly back up their volume or LUN to a cloud object storage, further enhancing availability and reliability.

HybridMount acts as a gateway/cache to accelerate your access to the cloud.

HBS 3 & QuDedup: enhancements for your disaster recovery plan

The updated HBS 3 is the latest version of QNAP’s NAS backup/restore/synchronization app, providing users with superior disaster recovery planning solutions. HBS 3 can back up and synchronize data to Backblaze B2. And for backup tasks, users can further enable QuDedup, a client-side block-level data deduplication technology by QNAP, to reduce bandwidth and storage space requirements.

QuDedup saves you time, bandwidth, and costs for a more efficient backup solution.

Backblaze B2: a cloud storage for you

Backblaze B2 is a popular cloud storage service among QNAP NAS users.

Backblaze B2 is a cloud storage solution that provides high performance data storage at one fourth the cost of leading cloud storage providers: US$ 0.005/GB/month for storage, free uploads, and US$ 0.01/GB for downloads. There is no minimum storage amount or time, and stored data is instantly available with no off-line or near-line delays. With 10+ years of experience and over 1 exabyte of client data being managed, B2 is one of the most trusted brands for cloud object storage.

A hybrid cloud future: build a solution that works for you

It is very unlikely that you will find a single cloud solution that meets all your requirements. But do you really have to choose one and bear with its shortfalls? Can’t there be a compromise?

We understand.

With QNAP bridging the gap between public and private clouds, you will get the best of both realms and become more efficient, more resilient, and more intelligent. And Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage can be the ideal choice for your customized solution; it is easy to use, with affordable and predictable pricing. To learn more about Backblaze B2, go to

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  1. The article is misleading, HBS supports only SYNC for B2, not backup. This is useless, as they don’t provide a way to decrypt backup data without HBS. In case of NAS failure, the backup is useless.

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