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IFTTT Brings Your Apps, Devices and NAS Together for Smarter Automation

Web services have the potential to make your digital life easier and more convenient, but it can be a challenge to manage various apps and devices and to make them work together. One solution is IFTTT (“If This Then That”) – a service that helps you connect your apps and devices by creating recipe-like applets. For example, if there is new activity in one of the apps you use, IFTTT can automatically run a task in another app and/or device.

Sounds cool, right? Let’s see some examples of what IFTTT can do for you on QNAP NAS:

  • Backup Dropbox files to your QNAP NAS

Whenever you add a file to a specified Dropbox folder, this applet will automatically download that file to your QNAP NAS.

  • Tell Amazon Alexa to reboot your QNAP NAS

IFTTT applets can make a smart home even smarter, including being able to give voice commands to Amazon Alexa to reboot your QNAP NAS.

  • Save uploaded Instagram videos to QNAP NAS

IFTTT can also help you archive social media! Whenever you upload a video on Instagram, this applet will automatically download that video to your QNAP NAS.

IFTTT provides endless possibilities for improving your productivity, backup, and digital lifestyle, and you can also enable email notifications for when a new QNAP Applet is published. If you have some brilliant new ideas for applets, be sure to comment below or contact us!

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By Michael Wang

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